Derek is Funny (Lead)- ROK Prodcutions 

The Dirty Kind (Lead)-Dir. Vilan Trub 

The Wrong One (Lead)- KM Productions

Room 61 (Lead)

Crumble (Lead)

Grier (Supporting)

Transition (Lead)

Discipline (Lead)

Must be the Shoes (Lead)

Dana Lang (Lead)



Snapshots in Transit - Winston (Lead)   Broadway Comedy Club

From the Borough of Brooklyn - Simon   Black Lady Theater

Imani - Roger Hall @ The Afrikan Women's Repertory (Harlem)

Lame Ducks -Kyle (Lead) @ The Hudson Guild Theater

Brooklyn Tides, Driftwood-David (Lead) @ THe Hudson Guild Theater

Know Thy Law Pt. 2 - Tripps @ Under St. Mark's Theater

An Arrangement of Euphoric Illusions - Julien @ American Theater of Actors

The Brothers Size - Elegba @ Donald Savage Theater (Buffalo, NY)

Romeo & Juliet - Romeo (Lead) @ Donald Savage Theater (Buffalo, NY)

The Dumb Waiter - Ben (Lead) @ Donald Savage Theater (Buffalo, NY)

The Maids - Solange (Lead) @ Donald Savage Theater (Buffalo, NY)

The Night of the Iguana - Hank @ Warren Enters Theater (Buffalo, NY)

Kings - Nuzio @ Nuyorican Poet's Cafe



SOBER - Patrick

GIG$ - Recurring 

Binge - Recurring